Here at Holy Eternal Rider Organization, we are striving to protect the world as you know it being completely subsumed by outside forces. No, not a mere human threat, but a threat to all humanity. HERO works towards rescuing and returning the gods of yore to their seats of power. We fight against creatures from beyond space called the Shades.
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You’ve been suddenly sucked into an RPG. What are your stats?















Watsin: Lv.93 Angel. Special trait: beautiful.

you know it

Hannah: Lv.51 Samurai. Special trait: can hack into any computer.

aw yea

Emma: Lv.41 Nerd. Special trait: great at mowing lawns.

are you fucking kidding me let me try again

History1970s: Lv.0 Gambler. Special trait: top-notch fisherman.


yawg07: Lv.77 Wizard. Special trait: can fly.

sturmpony: Lv.37 Viking. Special trait: great at house cleaning.

Yeah makes sense.

Twilight Sparkle: Lv. 43 Ninja. Special trait: has a powerful kick.

Looks like I’m more powerful than you Sperm.

Sturmpony: Lv.60 Gunner. Special trait: has ESP.

Oh well alright if we’re doing proper capitalization now…

TWiLiGHT SPaRKLe: Lv. 70 Viking. Special trait: can read minds.

Proper capitalization is for chumps.

Cloud Kicker : Lv.7 Poopsmith. Special trait: can sing like a angel.

All of you better step off. B)

Oh shit.

Clinker: Lv.23 Samurai. Special trait: great guard dog.

Shou: Lv.33 Archer. Special trait: radioactive.

Mama: Lv.32 Wizard. Special trait: has a mecha


Elizabeth: Lv.22 Mechanic. Special trait: great dancer.

(Source: kamalaophelia)

Too much frontloading

Sadly, this campaign will come to an end. I took it to the epic places far too soon, and didn’t really have a plan besides “make it awesome.”

We shall see what comes next.

Godsend Mission 3: 3 Heads, 3 Missions, 1 Crisis

Godsend Mission 3: 3 Heads, 3 Missions,  1Crisis

One of Hermes’ informants has revealed the location of a powerful asset in this war against the Shades. The legendary beast Cerberus had been found in Istanbul. Hermes contacted Cerberus to inform him that his team was coming by. All three personalities of Cerberus played good hosts as Phillip laid out the plan, with his microphone off.

"So you see, if you join the side of HERO, you can be partially responsible for ensuring that Hades never returns."
All three personalities of cerberus confer, and agree to join.

"However, we must make one condition to our membership. This young man who has been serving you drinks is the Oracle and must be protected."

"We’ll do so. And if he has a high-enough Fusion Rating, he can wear the Spartan Armor as well."

 After an all too brief training session, Cerberus and His Oracle went to Centralia, PA. to engage a monster in the mineshaft. This Destan was made up of the bones of the dead miners and their gear.  Cerberus activated the Spartan Armor with the Codephrase “Olympus Ruo!” and went into action. While the Oracle kept Cerberus covered with fire from his Sig Sauer, they very quickly dispatched the creature and the minions it tried to create. When they had successfully decapitated the Destan, they claimed another Hephaestus shard.

Brooke and Rhiannon deployed to Las Vegas, where the first enemy they had to face was a creature made of all the coins from the slot machines on the strip. To make matters worse, purple lotus flowers were falling from the sky and wherever their shadows fell, tarpits sprung up.

With Brooke in the Pharaoh suit, and Rhiannon providing fire from a lamppost, they managed to push the coin Destan into one of the tarpits, where Brooke finished it off with a Pharaonic Beam to the head. Finally, they had found another Egyptian power, a shard belonging to Horus.

Masami and Freya were deployed to the wreck site for the Edward Fitzgerald, and found themselves facing a Destan made of a sentient whirlpool. Freya has the backing of a full team now, and they use the fire-fighting boat they had been loaned to put the freeze on the monster. However, when Freya’s timer counted down past the 3 minute time limit, she performed the day’s third decapitation, coming back with a shard of Susanoo.

After the mission, Freya had to spend three hours in decontamination, and with nothing but time, she listened from inside the chamber as Rhiannon explained her history.

"So, I have no real memories of my parents. Basically, they gave me up once I started showing signs of being, well, a genius. There were other reasons, I’m sure, but that’s the big one. "

"The second foster home, I was the first child the woman had, and the last. She wasn’t cut out to care for a child, let alone one as unique as me, but wasn’t one to admit it. She, well…"

"It’s alright, Rhiannon. Say what you’re comfortable with." Freya says.

Rhiannon shakes her head. “It’s not you, I promise.” She takes a deep breath. “She locked me in the closet when she didn’t need me.”

"That’s terrible. I can only imagine how you felt." Freya sympathizes.

"At a later time, Rhiannon, I should tell you what became of the other children from your first foster home. Nothing bad, mind you. Just so you know." Hermes says absentmindedly.

Rhiannon shrugs. “Well, she was caught when the foster care system did a random check and caught her, and I was moved to another foster home. This one was a lot like the first, and ended similarly, as did the fourth.”

Rhiannon’s bitter smile returns, with a glance at Hermes. “The fifth home, well, that’s where things get interesting.”

"Abductions, blood sacrifices, clowns… I remember." Hermes nods as he adjusts the pressure in the decontamination unit.

"No, that’s six.Five is just the sacrifice."  Rhiannon remembers that Freya and Masami will have no idea what she is talking about. "Right…My foster mother turned out to be a witch who tried to sacrifice me to meet the Hesperides. She met Hermes instead."

"But, yeah, the Greek gods sort of have issues with human sacrifice, so you can guess how that ended." Rhiannon rolls her eyes.

"In an extremely peaceful, no blood on the walls, way?" Freya ventures sarcastically.

"No blood that could be seen without a blacklight…" Hermes answers.

"Did you raise her, Hermes?" Freya asks, flipping through the dog-eared pages of a cookbook she’s been provided.

"Yes. I did try."

"You did a fine job. And it’s not like Dad didn’t help."

Hermes looks at the clock on the Decon Chamber. “Ten more minutes to go, Freya. But I’ll still have to sideline you next mission.”

"What does that mean? Do I support them from the base or what?" Freya responds.

"You go with them. You provide covering fire. And when they seem to be getting too deep into the divine power, it’s your job to yell in their ears and physically remove the belt from their hands." Hermes answers.

Rhiannon continues, telling the story of how she was almost kidnapped by clowns at her ninth birthday, and how Hermes and her current guardian General Thomas Stafford saved her.

"3.2.1. You’re clear, Freya. Just drink this nutrient shake and stay away from fatty foods for the next five hours." Hermes helps Freya out of the decon chamber. At this moment, every light in the base dims.

"Rhiannon, we need you up at Teleport Command. Something just came through." comes the voice over the PA. Rhiannon rushes up, finding a badly burned and naked Loki on the teleport pad.

"All the godlings I was caring for were captured, save Ares." Rhiannon takes Loki to the medical ward, and passes Phillip on his way to Bleedzone Tracking. When Phillip can’t figure out all the sudden bleed zones, he calls up Rhiannon, who with a roll of 2x7 and 2x6, she’s able to figure out a pattern. Several schools just like Loki’s have been hit, and according to the pattern, they need to deploy to a school in Hapsburg to rescue the godlings there. While there are only two, the HERO teams don’t want the shades getting their hands on Hestia and Monkey.

As they head out, Loki gives Freya a necklace worn by Ares to help track him down.

Very quickly, the teams are deployed to the school, where it starts raining teeth. Dragon Teeth. Rhiannon and Phillip attempt to catch as many as possible before they hit the ground, while Masami soon finds himself surrounded by skeletal warriors. They all beat a hasty retreat into the school to find that the entire hall was overrun with rainforest flora. The party split up, with Masami headed for the cafeteria, and Phillip and Rhiannon going to the gymnasium. Inside the gym, they found a kindergartener hanging by one leg off the long rope, throwing dodgeballs down at the skeletons beneath him. After clearing the creatures out, Phillip slapped a teleport tracker on the back of Monkey’s neck to send him safely back to HERO.

Masami, having taken some time to get something to eat spots one of the kids under a nearby table. He gets down on his knees to talk with the kid, but manages to roll 3x9 on Sense and Perception to notice the terrified stare of the kid.
"Let me guess. There’s something big and scary behind me, right?" the kid nods and Masami slowly turns to face a banshee which screams to knock him through a wall. While he does go through the wall, it doesn’t do any damage because someone on the other side has made the wall insubstantial. As he passes through the wall, someone went through the other side to protect the child. Masami could hear the banshee screaming in pain. Once again the wall becomes ghostly as his strange helper emerged. By the fox ears, he could tell she was a Kitsune.

"My name’s Yuki, and I’m one of the guardians of the children here. I don’t want them falling into wicked hands."

"Well, we can always use more allies. Come with us back to the base."

"Of course."

Phillip and Rhiannon enter the greenhouse to find themselves confronted by an eight-foot tall creature made of vines. Rhiannon realizes that there has to be a humanoid pilot of the monstrosity, and she appeals with charm and persuasion to Hestia to come out of the creature. However, once the young Hestia exits, some powerful force takes control of her plant creature. Phillip moves between the creature and Hestia, repelling it with the force of his transformation. He attaches the Set shard to the armor, and grabs the creature to teleport it between the dimensions. He piledrives the creature from 80 feet up into the World Islands.

Hestia and Monkey are safely transported to HERO, where Yuki is given the Viking suit to test. During this time, Phillip ends up in Decon.

Meanwhile, Cerberus and the Oracle are deployed to track down Ares. They find him in Gettysburg, eating his twenty-eight plate of pancakes. After a few unsuccessful attempts to convince Ares, Cerberus finally gets him to commit his last shard to the war effort. And just in time.

Outside, an undead Caligula is leading his troops through the city. Masami in the Samurai armor, Cerberus in Spartan, Yuki in Viking and Brooke in the Pharoah armor engage the army of the undead, which after a few minutes forms into a giant undead monster, which is piloted by a person very familiar to Cerberus. Hades.

"Everyone get clear. This is going to get ugly." All the others flee, and Cerberus creates a massive mushroom cloud of lightning and miasma that instantly wipes out the undead. Hades however, is spirited away for future use.
The day’s activity ends with everyone in Hermes’ office.

"Bad news and worse news. The Oracle just told me what the Shades are doing with the Godlings. They’re taking skin samples to create homonculi so they don’t have to give their shards to the Destans. It’s going to get harder to find god shards now. The worse news is that we might not find the pieces for complete god armors. However, there is a ray of hope. We may be able to construct armors for specific divine domains. With one of Susanoo and two of Poseidon, I could probably design a Water Domain mode that will work across all the armors. I’ll still need you to find shards of Njord and Sobek to make it happen."

"We’re on it!" Freya answers enthusiastically.

Godsend Mission 2: Education, Coal and Wrecks

The two teams are called into the office of Hermes to discuss an important resource for information on the divine.
"Yes, it’s a website. pull-the-shades.god. It’s a private forum for all the gods who have been reduced to mere humanity. They recall their good old days, boast about what they’ll do when they get their power back, and trade insults that don’t translate well from one language to another. While we wait for the next bleed zone, we’ll have you research this forums and try to track down some of these gods for the eventuality of restoring them." Hermes gets them to work on research.
"By the way, Rhiannon. I know it was you who changed the Bleed alarm to the Cloister Bell. I approve."

Rhiannon is the first to come up with some information in her research. There’s some rather goth posts by a member named BridgeofGjallerbru, and tracing her IP address brings up the computers at Hellstrom academy, a private high school in Minnesota. Researching the roster shows that there’s a girl there named Helen Jaller.
Rhiannon decides to “transfer” into the school to meet with this godling. When she finally encounters her, she and Brooke help her pull a devious trick on the football team involving permanent ink and itching powder.
Freya enters the school as a substitute teacher for Ethics and is the first to meet with the gym teacher, who is currently dressed like a cowboy. When he figures out who they are, the coach calls everyone into his office.
"So, I’m Loki, and I really don’t want you awakening the godlings here or elsewhere. If the gods exist, ragnarok has to happen, and I don’t want to see that happen. I’d rather that humanity outgrows ancient legends and stretches out to the stars." Loki tells them.
"Well, you are a god of treachery. Why should we believe you?"
"Because I have had my power stripped away. I can barely convince a room full of freshmen to climb a rope, much less start a war. If it helps you, I will answer any one question with complete honesty for each of you. I swear it upon my father Odin."
"Ok then. You promised an honest answer. So, what are the Shades, really?" Freya asks.
"Well played, Miss Josephson. Pull up a chair and let me explain." Loki draws the curtains and closes the office door. "The Shades are not some extra-dimensional invaders. They are a contingency plan. Fifteen hundred years ago, the gods realized that their power was dying out. So they created the Shades as a last-ditch effort for attention. They would give the Shades a portion of their power and allow them to wreak havoc. Then when humanity was at its most vulnerable, the gods would return. Of everyone in the multiple heavens, only the trickster gods such as myself and Hermes, and the fire gods thought this was a bad idea."
"Am I correct in assuming that the gods gave the Shades the ability to learn?" Rhiannon asks.
"You are. The Shades were taken with the taste of power and stripped the gods of theirs before they had a chance to engage the plan. Fortunately, Hephaestus, Pele,  Hermes, Coyote and myself came up with a contingency plan of our own. The Rider Systems."
"And what are we supposed to do with these powers once we catch them all?" Brooke gets in her question.
"It’s up to you. You can choose to give the gods their powers back. You can choose to dissipate the power. Or you can use it to advance humanity into a new age of prosperity. I’ve made my case. The latter two options are the ones I favor." Loki opens the door, ushering them out. "Don’t come back looking for these gods. It’s time they accepted becoming human."
While this meeting had been happening, Masami had taken the Samurai armor out to Battleship Island to deal with the formation of a bleed zone. However, for his first attempt at combat in the suit, he wound up facing something the training manuals hadn’t prepared him for. The Destan was piloting a golem of coal that stood one hundred feet tall. Every action Masami took only served to anger the Destan, and he wound up crushed into a crater. The armor kept him from taking serious damage. By the time he had crawled out of the crater, Freya was on scene, already planning her ascent up the golem’s north face.
When Freya activated the armor, Masami was teleported away for medical attention. Freya started climbing, rolling 3x4, 2x2, and 3x5 on Body+Athletics to scale the golem, then 3x4 on body+athletics to open the seam to the pilot’s compartment. Showing exactly how devious she was, she managed to steal the god shard from the arm of the destan without him noticing. As she fell back to earth, he rolled 3x3, 2x6, and 2x10 to bounce from falling coal to falling coal, landing safely in a dramatic pose. Freya deactivated the armor, and ran the scanner over the godshard.
"Blast! It’s a Hephaestus Shard! I can’t use it! Whatever. HERO command, one for transport. Have a Shard containment unit waiting." Freya vanished from the scene.
Once Team Pharaoh returned to base, they had to deal with a Bleed zone forming over the wreck of the Lusitania. HERO had a ship in the area, so Masami, Rhiannon, and Phillip supported Brooke as she dove deep into the water, which was slowly turning into blood.
Montioring the bio-signs from aboard the ship, the others noticed that she had taken moderate damage to her torso and arms, so they brought her back to the surface.
"It’s a torpedo. It explodes and puts itself back together, taking metal from the wreck to make itself larger. Be careful down there." Brooke handed the belt to Philip. "Stay in radio contact."
Philip dove down to find the torpedo Destan circling the wreck. Operating under the assumption that the Destan had some kind of radio communication, he found the frequency and commanded the torpedo to surface near the ship. with 4x10 on command and no stability for the torpedo, the monster did as he commanded. Fortunately, the others were able to move the ship out of harm’s way.
Phillip ascended to the surface in time to see the torpedo spin back around to fire a 5d shrpanel attack at him. Fortunately, he had thought ahead. Phillip activated the shard he had collected from the Destan in the Mystery House.
" Set-Southwest Point! Trigger!" The belt spoke as he activated the shard, teleporting between the higher dimensions. He found himself falling through the atmosphere, with the destan on one side and a bowl of petunias on the other. The Pharaonic beam lanced both targets, and Philip was able to land safely on the deck of the ship. With a laugh only somebody who’s been bounced around dimensions can muster, he handed over the new shard for analysis.
"Darn it! Another Poseidon Shard!" Rhiannon cursed for a few minutes before calming down.

Godsend Mission 1: Chaos on the Water

Kamen Rider Godsend: Mission Start
"Attention Please: Will Rhiannon Stafford, Brooke Robbins, Phillip Gehring, Masami Mas and Freya Josephson please  report to the main hall." The announcement goes out over the PA system and soon these five soldiers have reported for duty to Commander Hermes.

"You’ve all already been briefed on the nature of HERO, and the Rider gears. Well, according to our scans of your bodies, you all possess a high enough fusion rating to survive the use of the Rider systems. Brooke, Rhiannon and Phillip have been selected for Pharaoh, while Masami and Freya shall have the Samurai system, with a third team member to be named later. I want you each to take turns practicing basic combat protocols for the suit before we fully unlock the power for you to use in combat." Hermes talks a mile a minute, but everyone gets the gist, especially with Rhiannon translating. These two clearly have a history.

"Brooke and Freya shall test first, to see how easy CQB is for the Pharaoh and Samurai users. The Samurai system’s activation phrase is the classic Henshin, while the Pharoah’s phrase is Sol Invictus."

Both women set foot into the training grounds and attack dummies are deployed. While Brook is able to take down all of her training dummies with rolls of 3x2, 2x6 and 2x5, Freya has more difficulty with it.

While Freya remains in the suit to switch to ranged combat, it’s Phillip’s turn to activate Pharaoh. He calls forth the bow the suit uses, nocking fire arrows. After rolling 2x8 and 2x10 to hit two targets, he missed the furthest target. Attempts to close the distance resulted in Phillip slipping and getting angry. He used the suits built-in Pharaonic Beam to lance the target with golden energy.

Rhiannon was the last to use the Pharaoh suit, struggling to get it out of Phillip’s hands. By the time she had hit the furthest target, another situation had arisen.
"Bleed Zones Forming.Rider Teams report to the Transportation Matrix" came the announcement over the PA. After just a bare minimum of training, the teams would have to be deployed to collect their first God Shards.

Team Pharaoh was deployed to the Winchester Mystery House. Upon arrival, they found the entire plot of land had been turned upside-down by the Destan’s influence. Rhiannon simply took her half-completed map of the tourist trap and flipped it upside-down. Between her navigation rolls and Phillip using Perceive Divine Power, they were able to locate a Picasso-esque Destan in the Hall of Fire.
Phillip rolled 3x10 on a Charm+Persuasion roll to make the Destan assume a more humanoid form. He also ordered the Destan to stop moving so his teammates could attack it. Then with multiple rolls from the Pharaonic Beam and coordination+guns rolls, the team was able to cause the god shard to fall from the creature’s leg.

All of them were safely able to land after the building turned right-side up.  Though every minute spent in the armor seemed to make Phillip crazier.

Masami and Freya were deployed to a location 30 miles off the canadian coast, landing aboard the long-lost ship Baychimo. Here, Freya told Masami to holster his weapon. The Bleed Zone had altered gravity, making it one quarter earth’s. They wound up fighting a robotic pirate Destan and his homonculi made of rum bottles.

Masami tried to use the altered gravity to his advantage, only to wind up in the ice-cold water. After kicking off his soaking wet clothes, he rejoined the fight, giving covering fire as Freya used the Samurai armor’s Sakura Blizzard attack. Freya drew the sword, and performed a classic samurai cross slash against the Destan’s head, which very promptly rolled away. They claimed their godshard and returned to base.

Base Armor Stats

Working off a 350 point total for the armors, each one gives the following.

1WD in Body or 1WD in Coordination depending on if the user has less than 4 Body or 4 Coordination.

4D Perceive Divine Power

4D Harm Power

2 Levels Light Armor.

The God Shard powers are separate from the main suit, but can take away from the remaining points.

Stats for 2 members of Team Samurai

 Corporal Freya Josephson, Codename Hime

Body 3D

Athletics 1 D Block 2D Endurance 2D Melee 1D

Coordination 2D

Dodge 1D Driving 1D

Sense 4D

Empathy 1D Scrutiny 1D

Mind 3D

First Aid 2D Medicine 1D Research 1D Streetwise 1D Survival 2D

Command 2D

Interrogation 1D Leadership 2D Stability 2D

Charm 2D

Lie 2D Perform 1D Persuasion 2D

Base Will 4

Willpower 41

Passion: Finding a place to belong

Loyalty: Those who care for her

Specialist Masami Mas, Codename Eiyuu

Body 3D
Endurance 1d Melee 1d

Coordination 4D
Driving 1d

Sense 3D

Perception 1D

Mind 2D

First Aid 1DStreetwise 1 D Survival 1D

Command 2D

Stability 1D

Charm 2D

Lie 1D

Base Will 4

Willpower 77


Loyalty: His Team of Mechanics

Preliminary Appearances for Kamen Rider Pharaoh, male and female versions.

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